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Sudden Strike 4 – How to Heal Troops and How to Repair Units

10 August 2017, Thursday, 21:11:10


How to Heal Troops

Medic units in Sudden Strike 4 can heal injured soldiers and bring them back on their feet. They cannot, however, heal the hit points of an infantry unit (soldiers will replenish health over time). To heal a downed soldier, select the medic and click on the heal unit button IMG_6887 and then on the injured unit. Alternatively, when the medic is selected, hover the cursor over a downed unit and right click to heal it. A medic will also automatically heal friendly injured units in his vicinity.


How to Repair Units

Repair vehicles can repair critical damage in Sudden Strike 4 (track/tyre damage, engine damage and turret damage). They cannot, however, repair armour damage of a unit (except if the player has unlocked the appropriate commander skill). To repair critical damage to a unit, you either

• select the repair vehicle and right click on the damaged unit or

• select the repair button IMG_6886 in the command panel and then click on the damaged unit.

A repairman will leave the repair vehicle and start working on the target unit until the critical damage is repaired.

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