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Take on Mars Cheats

26 March 2017, Sunday, 15:13:14


Money Cheat

To increase your funds:

1. Exit game if you’re already running.

2. Head to the steam folder -> steamapps/common/Take On Mars/Scenarios/Campaign

3. Use Wordpad to edit an .scn file. RUN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR. Now this can work for any .scn file so long as you edit a valid mission. For example, I used GaleCrater.scn and searched for ‘7623’. This is the script for Science Mission Ref – 7623 as listed in-game. This is an initial probe mission that has a major task value of 150k.

4. When you find the value of ‘7623’, look for the string: Mission_WorthMajor 150

5. Edit this to whatever value you wish.

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