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Tannenberg Console Commands

16 November 2017, Thursday, 22:51:32


Console Commands

Private Match Admin Commands

A quick reference guide for Private match adminship.


Provides a list of all available commands and admin control words and phrases.
Use the slash button “/”, which is located on the bottom right of your keyboard (American/English Keyboard notation) left of right shift.

turns your text red. can be used to give announcements

Ends the match

Sets the next map after the current game is ended.

Restarts the match

Kicks player from the game
/kick [player username]
ex. Player’s name John Doe
/kick john doe
Result: Removes John Doe from the game

Makes player admin of match, allowing them to have access to admin tools
/admin [player username]
ex. Player’s name Jane Doe
/admin jane doe
Result: Gives Jane Doe admin rights and power

Changes the game’s password, NOT admin password. Just game password
ex. Password wants to be changed to “entente”
(Note: Must have atleast 5 characters)
/changepw entente
Result: Changes password to entente

Changes the Admin’s password, NOT game’s password. Just admin password
ex. Password wants to be changed to “entente”
(Note: Must have atleast 5 characters)
/changepw entente
Result: Changes password to entente

Allows automatic switching: Changes the side of each respective player without having each individual switching via scoreboard themselves

Friendly fire on/off

Provides Time left of the match. This is the number in large white font directly on top of the minimap on the bottom left side.



lists spectators

/setroomsize 10
sets the size of the room to 10, any number between 2 and 64 is allowed

/setweapons melee
sets weapon restriction to melee weapons only

/setweapons berthier
sets weapon restriction to berthier only

/setweapons normal
resets weapon restriction to original


Options available for both private and non-private matches

Mutes a person: Removes them from your chat
ex. username: ‘Nazi fascist’ is being obnoxious
type: /mute nazi fascist
Result: You will not see any chat or voice from this player anymore

Unmutes a person: Returns muted person to your chat
ex. username: ‘hunting the hun’ needs forgiveness
(given person is already muted by you)
type: /unmute hunting the hun
Result: Will be able to hear them in in-squad voip as well as see them type in chat.


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