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Tannenberg – Kill Bonuses Guide

23 November 2017, Thursday, 16:47:30


Kill Bonuses

Note that sector refers to the greater area, while zone refers to the capture zone.



NamePoint Value – Description

Basic Kill – 15 – Kill someone

Headshot – 10 – Get a headshot

Longshot – 10 – Kill at range

Sector Attack – 5 – Kill someone that’s in an enemy sector

Sector Defense – 15 – Kill someone in your sector

Sector Recon – 2 – Spot someone with recon plane

Squad Bonus – 5 – When you or a squad mate makes a kill while near each other

Teamwork – 25 – Kill someone while in NCO aura

Key Defense – 5 – Kill someone while in central sector

Followed Order – 35 – Kill on or at NCO marker, or attack line

Penetration – 5 – Kill someone through something, includes collateral’s

HQ Attack – 5 – Kill someone in enemy HQ sector

Defended Team – 30 – Kill someone who has just injured a teammate

HMG Kill – 5 – Kill someone who’s using a hmg


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