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TEKKEN 7 Glossary Guide

2 June 2017, Friday, 14:27:39


TEKKEN 7 Glossary

Backdash Cancel (BDC) – is basically cancelling your backdash with db to cut the recovery period and allowing you to perform another action. This is done via (b,b db~b, b, db~b b….). This is a variant of the BDC called the Korean Backdash Cancel (KBC). BDC is good for creating space between yourself at the opponent quickly and to escape mixup situations. There are a few ways to perform a BDC but this is the preferred one as it works with backsway characters such as Bryan, Paul and Nina.




BT = Backturned, it’s basically just your character putting their back towards the opponent. Some characters have a unique movelist out of BT such as Chloe, Feng, MRaven, Xiaoyu

Crush – a property of a move where it is designed to go cleanly through a move depending on high or low crush property.

High Crush – a move that’s designed to be “invincible” to high moves.

Homing move – a move that is designed to shut down sidestepping.

Hopkick – a standard low crush launcher that most characters have. Usually i15 and done by either uf3 or uf4.

Launcher – a combo starter, usually the fastest launcher is i15 for most chars.

Low Crush – like high crush moves, low crush moves just simply hops over lows.

FC – Full Crouch , a state where the character is in crouching and there is an exclusive moveset in this state.

Mishima – when people refer to Mishimas in-game, they are referring to the playstyle rather than the surname. So this includes Heihachi, Kazuya and Devil Jin (even though Jin is a Kazama by name). In TTT2, Angel was considered a Mishima under this term. This comes with shared tools such as EWGF, Hellsweep and wavedashing.

Rage – a state a character is in with 25% or less health remaining. It gives your character a very slight damage increase and access to Rage Art and Rage Drive. It’s indicated by a red aura around the character and red glowing lifebar.

Rage Art – Basically Tekken 7’s version of a super. Fully armoured but still absorbs damage so can still get KO’ed if absorbed move kills. Uses up your rage and every chars RA is different in terms of speed.

Rage Drive – another option you can spend your rage on. It’s basically a juiced up version of an existing move and it’s unique per character on how good it is and it’s usage.

Range 0/1/2/3 etc. Range 0 is point blank, Range 1 is a single backdash away. Range 2 = 2 backdashes etc

Power Crush – an armoured move available for all chars. What the actual move is, is unique to the character.

Screw attack – a move that causes them to spin and fly away in a juggle allowing for enders. This replaces the bound from T6/TTT2 and is usually given as s! in combo notations. You may also see tailspin which is the older name for it.

Seeable – means it’s reactable, usually referred to with lows.

SS – sidestep notation so a SS1 move would be Sidestep + 1

SSL – Sidestep left – performed by tapping up on P1 side and down on P2 side.

SSR – Sidestep right – performed by tapping down on P1 side and up on P2 side.

SWL – Sidewalk left – basically a longer but more vulnerable step, done by tapping for SSL then holding down the button

SWR – Sidewalk right – same as SSR but tapping then holding down the button..

WS – While Standing, a state where the character transitions from crouching to standing, there is an exclusive moveset in this state.

WS Punishment – When I refer to this, it’s when you block a move from crouching (lows) or blocking a move that leaves you in crouch, it’s your punishment from crouching essentially.

WR – While Running, a state where the character is considered running.

Wall Carry – a combo that is designed around taking your opponent to the wall.

Wallsplat – a move designed to splat the opponent vs the wall for a followup combo.

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