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TEKKEN 7 Lucky Chloe

2 June 2017, Friday, 19:17:45


Lucky Chloe
Difficulty – Medium

Chloe is a very aggressive, poke-oriented character. She’s good at bullying her opponent with quick mids, lows and jab strings, to break them down bit by bit. She has a few moves which leaves her backturned. This gives her access to the one of the most damaging combo starters in the game, as well as being hitconfirmable. Her Rage Art is unique in the fact that there’s a rhythm to it that allows her to get extra damage as well as different poses/animations to end with. Her range is lacking a little on her arms so it’s encouraged to get in the opponent’s face with Chloe to initiate her poke game. She has the only launchable on block hopkick in the game, so hopkicking with Chloe is a huge risk, hurting her panic moves. She doesn’t have much in the way of rewarding whiff punishers and her block punishment is quite poor in terms of damage. While her poke damage is quite low, her combo damage is high to make up for it.




High damage output
Decent poking game
Huge burst damage through BT launcher

Poor whiff + block punishment
Only launchable hopkick in the game
Arm range is limited

Recommended for players who like
Aggressive poking chars
High damage chars

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