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TEKKEN 7 Miguel Caballero Rojo Moves Guide

10 June 2017, Saturday, 20:44:28


df+1 (mid jab)
2,1 (high jab combo)
b,f,1 (evade into high hit)
df+2,1 (launcher)
df+1,2 (mid jab combo)
df+1,1 (mid jab high jab)
df+1,1,3 (mid high low)
df+1,1,2 (mid high mid)
FC df+4 (low sweep)
f,f,2,1 (combo finisher)
WS 2,2,2 (low block punish)
df+4,1 (quick mid high)
df+4,1,1 (extended ^)
db+4 (low kick hits left)
d+4 (low kick hits right)
WR+4 (mid kick)
db+1 (low trip)
d+4,1+2 (low high headbutt)
b+4 (armor kick)
WR+3 (mid kick long range)
FC+3 (quick low)
FC+4 (mixup of ^)
f 2+3 (charge)
df+2,2 (tailwhip)
df+3,2 (mid mid combo)
f 1+2 (shove)
d 1+2 (low shove)
FC 1+2 1,2,1,2 (tackle into punches)
uf 3,2,2 (trinidad slash)
f,f+3 (big kick)
WR 2,4 (jab into big kick)
d+3 (low poke)
FL d+3 (stomp)
SAV d 4,3 (footsies)
SAV 2 (fast mid smash)
SAV db+3 (long range low)
SAV db+4 (same as FC df+4)
SAV b+1,2 (mid to low trip)
SAV b+3 (armour kick)
SAV uf+3 (long range knee)
SAV 4 (high kick)
SAV 1+2 (launcher)
df,1+2 (command grab)

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