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The Culling of the Cows Cheat Codes

25 December 2016, Sunday, 12:19:22


When you start the game, press “Shift” + “K” to bring up the console. All cheat codes need to be enter in lowercase and be aware that the game is still running when you enter the code/s.



Cheat Code      Effect
give a hobo a buck – +1 dollar.
bomb run – Calls a B2 strike.
chopper run – Calls a chopper attack.
barn saw – Door saw.
give ammo – Fills ammo.
fire line – Fire Wall.
ammo birdshot – Gives birdshot ammo.
ammo buckshot – Gives buckshot ammo.
ammo explosive – Gives explosive ammo.
ammo slug – Gives slugs ammo.
1000 rounds – Infinite ammo.
cant touch this – Invincibility.
laser aim – Laser sight on gun.
billy the old man – Maximise all upgrades.
max mag – Maximise ammo capacity.
fast fingers – Maximise rate of fire.
speed loader – Maximise reload speed.
meteor shower – Meteor shower.
drop nuke – Nuclear strike.
varo is the devil – Play as Varo.
barn mg – Sentry gun.
slow time – Slow down time.
farmer fast – Speed boost for farmer.
give supply drop – Supply drop.
give me the world – Unlocks all levels.

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