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The End is Nigh Achievements

12 July 2017, Wednesday, 19:53:51



The End
Complete The End


The Arid Flats
Complete The Arid Flats


Stage I
Collect 50 Tumors


Complete Overflow


Stage II
Collect 100 Tumors


Morta Man – Half Empty
Complete Morta Man with 50+ rings


The Wall of Sorrow
Complete The Wall of Sorrow


Morta Man – The Bare Minimum
Complete Morta Man


The Hollows
Complete The Hollows


Complete Golgotha


Blaster Massacre – The Bare Minimum
Complete Blaster Massacre


Iron Cart I
Collect Iron Cart I from the unknown


The Machine
Complete The Machine


Stage III
Collect 170 Tumors


Complete Retrograde


Blaster Massacre – Discontinued
Complete Blaster Massacre without using a continue


Blaster Massacre – Half Empty
Complete Blaster Massacre with 50+ rings


Morta Man – 100% of Nothing!
Complete Morta Man with 100 rings








Blaster Massacre – 100% of Nothing!
Complete Blaster Massacre with 100 rings






The Future!


SS Exodus
Complete SS Exodus


Morta Man – Discontinued
Complete Morta Man without using a continue


Complete Depression


River City Rancid – The Bare Minimum
Complete River City Rancid


River City Rancid – Discontinued
Complete River City Rancid without using a continue


Scab or Die – Glitched
Complete Scab or Die


Complete Denial


Ghosts n Grieving – Glitched
Complete Ghosts n Grieving


The Tower of Ascension!


Complete the game in an hour and a half or under


Stage IV
Collect 300 Tumors


Complete the main game with under 200 deaths






Morbid Gear – Discontinued
Complete Morbid Gear without using a continue


Dig Dead – The Bare Minimum
Complete Dig Dead


Complete Anger


Dig Dead – Discontinued
Complete Dig Dead without using a continue


Morbid Gear – The Bear Minimum
Complete Morbid Gear


Fallen Fantasy – Unbreakable


Iron Cart II
Collect Iron Cart II from the unknown


Dead Racer – Glitched
Complete Dead Racer


Complete Bargaining


Spike Tales – Glitched
Complete Spike Tales


Tombs and Torture – Glitched
Complete Tombs and Torture


Pus Man – Glitched
Complete Pus Man


Fallen Fantasy – The Bare Minimum
Complete Fallen Fantasy


The End is Nigh! – Glitched


Streaming Mimi




Fallen Fantasy – Discontinued
Complete Fallen Fantasy without using a continue


Iron Cart IV
Collect Iron Cart IV from the unknown


Catastrovania – Unbreakable


Rubble Bobble – Discontinued
Complete Rubble Bobble without using a continue


River City Rancid – 100% of Nothing!
Complete River City Rancid with 100 rings


Rubble Bobble – The Bare Minimum
Complete Rubble Bobble


River City Rancid – Half Empty
Complete River City Rancid with 50+ rings


Blaster Massacre – Unbreakable


Morta Man – Unbreakable


Ash Climber – The Bare Minimum
Complete Ash Climber


Ash Climber – Discontinued
Complete Ash Climber without using a continue


Catastrovania – Discontinued
Complete Catastrovania without using a continue


Collect all Collectibles


Stage V
Collect 450 Tumors


Catastrovania – The Bare Minimum
Complete Catastrovania


River City Rancid – Unbreakable


Spike Tales – Unbreakable


Iron Cart III
Collect Iron Cart III from the unknown


Scab or Die – Unbreakable


Retro God!
100% All Cartridges


Tombs and Torture – Unbreakable


Iron Pixels!


Pus Man – Unbreakable


Dead Racer – Unbreakable


Beat the full game and all carts


Retro Rampage!
Complete all Cartridges


The End is Nigh! – Unbreakable


Do it all!


Ash Climber – Half Empty
Complete Ash Climber with 50+ rings


Ghosts n Grieving – Unbreakable


Dig Dead – Half Empty
Complete Dig Dead with 50+ rings


Catastrovania – Half Empty
Complete Catastrovania with 50+ rings


Fallen Fantasy – Half Empty
Complete Fallen Fantasy with 50+ rings


Fallen Fantasy – 100% of Nothing
Complete Fallen Fantasy with 100 rings


Rubble Bobble – 100% of Nothing
Complete Rubble Bobble with 100 rings


Morbid Gear – Half Empty
Complete Morbid Gear with 50+ rings


Morbid Gear – 100% of Nothing
Complete Morbid Gear with 100 rings


Morbid Gear – Unbreakable


Rubble Bobble – Half Empty
Complete Rubble Bobble with 50+ rings


Dig Dead – 100% of Nothing
Complete Dig Dead with 100 rings


Catastrovania – 100% of Nothing
Complete Catastrovania with 100 rings


Dig Dead – Unbreakable


The Super Mega Cart! – The Bare Minimum


The Super Mega Cart! – Discontinued


The Super Mega Cart! – Half Empty


The Super Mega Cart! – 100% of Nothing


The Super Mega Cart! – Unbreakable


Ash Climber – Unbreakable


Ash Climber – 100% of Nothing
Complete Ash Climber with 100 rings


Rubble Bobble – Unbreakable

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