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The Escapists 2 – Basics of Undergrounds

22 August 2017, Tuesday, 22:49:17


Basics of Undergrounds

1-) How to Get to Underground?

Well, you can access underground with 3 tools, they are:
-Shovel (craftable)
-Plastic spoon (from lunch/breakfast room)
-Multitool (craftable)


2-) How to Dig in The Escapists 2?

-Hold the item that can dig to underground, like a sturdy shovel.
-Now, stand around and you see a green square, click space if you want to dig to that spot.
-Now you see % decreasing.
-At 0, you click E and you are in underground.


3-) How to Cover a Hole?

-First of all you can either cover it up with soil (but you need to dig again)
-Or you can cover it up with a desk (another choice)


4-) There is Red X’s on The Map, What are They?
They are blockages ways which means you cannot mine through them.


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