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The Escapists 2 – Rattlesnake Springs – Take Out The Trash

28 August 2017, Monday, 0:06:22


The Escapists 2 – Rattlesnake Springs – Take Out The Trash

-Raise your intellect to at least 60.
-Collect the following items: “1 trash bag, 1 handkerchief, 2 rolls of duct tape, 1 tubing” per player.
-Craft Breathable Trash Bags (pictures below).


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-For the escape you need to get a Cyan keycard. Alternatively you can also dig under the door like we did. It takes longer but works if you’re having bad luck.



The Escape:

-Grab 1 Breathable trash bag per player and head south of the rollcall zone.
-Get in the escape area (shown in the picture) through your prefered way, keeping in mind there are no vents leading there and the walls aren’t chippable.




-Interact with the cart with the trash bag equipped and escape.

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