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The Escapists 2 – The Glorious Regime – Get to da’ chopper!

6 September 2017, Wednesday, 13:32:09


The Glorious Regime – Get to da’ chopper! – Escape Guide


-Find the following items: “Wax, Soap, Lighter, Jar of Ink, Dinner Tray”.
-The dinner tray can only be found in 1 place, north west of the prison, in the multiplayer room. Dig under it like we did:




-Craft or get a plastic red key (per player). You can get one from the quest: “Appreciation Society”.
-Craft or buy a contraband pouch (per player).
-Craft a fake gun:


1856D859-7E6E-4ACC-8EC1-8538745510F4-1503-00000198DE33C926 42E18ADD-FDF3-4590-9144-A6086A831616-1503-00000198E12E2AF1 33EE2F2C-C877-4157-BE1A-CEADCA0D214F-1503-00000198E33A4B9D



The Escape:

-Take your plastic red key, contraband pouch and fake gun and head all the way upstairs through the stairs by job time.
-When you reach the top gather your friends and escape in the chopper.



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