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The Last Guardian Trophy Guide

5 December 2016, Monday, 17:16:59


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

The Last Guardian (Platinum): Collect all other trophies.
Intensive Care (Gold): Remove all spears from Trico as quickly as possible.
Keep On Running (Gold): Avoid Trico for 3 minutes or longer when he goes wild in an antenna room.
Lightning Emissary (Gold): Reach the end of the game in 5 hours or less.
Lock, Stock, and Barrel (Gold): Give Trico every single barrel.
Losing Their Minds (Gold): Defeat 10 or more suits of armour by removing their heads.
The Call of Nature (Gold): Catch Trico… in the act.
Untouchable Emissary (Gold): Reach the end of the game without a game over.
All Talked Out (Silver): Hear every hint.
Balancing Barrels (Silver): Move 10 metres while carrying 2 or more stacked barrels.
Beast Friends Forever (Silver): Paint Trico’s entire body.
Dressed for the Fest (Silver): Collect all of the boy’s costumes and equip them.
Fleet Emissary (Silver): Reach the end of the game in 15 hours or less.
Get Off My Back! (Silver): Cling onto a suit of armour’s back for 30 seconds or longer.
Lifeline (Silver): Saved from falling by Trico’s tail 10 or more times.
Broad-Backed (Bronze): Land on Trico’s back after being propelled upwards from a cart.
Collar (Bronze): Make Trico put his head in every hole.
Cryptozoologist (Bronze): Touch all enemy beasts.
Last-Minute Reprieve (Bronze): Have Trico defeat 20 or more suits of armour while they are carrying the boy.
Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze): Have Trico catch a thrown barrel in mid-air 20 times.
Spry Emissary (Bronze): Reach the end of the game in 30 hours or less.
That Hits the Spot (Bronze): Hit suits of armour with 20 or more barrels or pots.
Though We Are Far Apart (Bronze): Play the game all the way to the end.
Thundering Wonder (Bronze): Defeat 20 or more suits of armour with Trico’s lightning.

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