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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Fishing Guide

14 August 2017, Monday, 20:00:49


FishLocationsRequired Rod
Swordtail – Trista Pond, Trista River, Old Schoolhouse 1st floor, East Celdic Highway 1, West Celdic Highway 2, Barehard Central Plaza -Beginner Rod


Gray Crab – Trista Pond, Old Schoolhouse 1st floor, Nord Highlands North – Beginner Rod


Kasagin – Trista River, Old Schoolhouse floors 4/5, East Celdic Highway 1, Lake Lacrima, Heimdallr Port – Beginner Rod


Crayfish – Trista Pond, Mater Park, Sachsen Mountain 2, Spina Byroad – Beginner Rod


Anor Carp – Old Schoolhouse 3rd floor, Barehard Central Plaza, Mater Park, Dreichels Plaza, North Kreuzen Highway – Beginner Rod


Rockeater – Trista River, North Kreuzen Highway, Heimdallr Underground Waterway – Beginner Rod


Carp – Old Schoolhouse 3rd floor, Ebel Highway Deluxe Rod
Rainbow Trout Old Schoolhouse 4th Floor, Lake Lacrima, Sachsen Mountain 2 – Deluxe Rod


Salamander – Trista Pond, Old Schoolhouse 6th Floor, Nord Highlands North – Deluxe Rod


Gluttonous – Bass Old Schoolhouse 4th floor, Legram, Heimdallr Underground Waterway, Spina Byroad – Deluxe Rod


Trout – Old Schoolhouse 5th floor, Ebel Highway 1, Dreichels Plaza, Heimdallr Port – Deluxe Rod


Arowana – Trista Pond, Mater Park – Deluxe Rod


Salmon – Trista Pond, Old Schoolhouse 6th Floor, Heimdallr Port – Deluxe Rod


Eel – Old Schoolhouse 5th Floor, Heimdallr Underground Waterway, Spina Byroad, Sachsen Mountain 2 – Deluxe Rod


Gold Salmon – Ebel Highway, Heimdallr Port Lakelord Star
Queen Crab Dreichels Plaza, Legram – Lakelord Star


Pale Salamander – Old Schoolhouse 6th Floor Lakelord Star
Catfish Spina Byroad – Lakelord Star


Invisible Crayfish – Sachsen Mountain 2 – Lakelord Star


Giant Swordtail – Trista Pond. Only Available on October 21st once you have caught all 19 other fish at least once. Speak with Kenneth in order to catch it. – Lakelord Star

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