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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Red Moon Rose Book Locations Guide

9 August 2017, Wednesday, 1:07:22


Red Moon Rose Book Locations 

The list is broken down by in-game chapters. There is also date next to each book to indicate when you should be able to obtain each book.



Chapter 1
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 1 (04/18) – Talk to Keynes in Keynes’ Bookstore
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 2 (04/24) – Talk to little maid Anita on the East side of Celdic Grand Market
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 3 (04/25) – Talk to Robin in Farmhouse on West Celdic Highway 2


Chapter 2
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 4 (05/29) – Talk to [Fumy] at Rest Area of Aurochs Fort
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 5 (05/30) – Talk to [Annette] who sit on the bench nearby the North Exit of Station Road of Bareahard


Chapter 3
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 6 (06/27) – Talk to soldier [Manning] at Watchtower
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 7 (06/28) – Talk to soldier [Hoover] who stands on the top of the Tank at The Gate of Zender


Chapter 4
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 8 (07/24) – Talk to [Roberto] who sits on the bench at Mater Park
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 9 (07/26) – Talk to [Tim] on Southeast in Doraikerusu Square


Chapter 5
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 10 (08/28) – Talk to old lady [Daphne] in Private House 1 in Legram
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 11 (08/30) – Talk to maid [Prana] on 2nd floor in Arseid Viscounty Mansion


Chapter 6
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 12 (09/25) – Talk to old man [Oulu] who sits on the bench next to the escalator in Roer
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 13 (09/26) – Talk to receptionist [Fraga] in Roer Institute of Technology


Final Chapter
Red Moon Rose – Chapter 14 (10/23 evening) – Talk to butler Celestin at rest area on 2nd floor in School Building

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