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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Rare Armor and Weapon Locations Guide

6 March 2017, Monday, 20:05:13


Rare armor and weapon locations
Search the listed location or complete the indicted task to get the corresponding rare armor or weapon:


Rare armor

Climber’s Bandanna: It is found inside a treasure chest Ree Dahee Shrine in West Necluda, near Dueling Peaks. The Climber’s Bandanna is head armor that gives Link 7 defense and boosts climbing speed.

Warm Doublet: Meet the Old Man in the Great Plateau and complete his special recipe to get the Warm Doublet. The Warm Doublet is chest armor that gives Link 7 defense and resistance to cold.

Climbing Boots: Successfully complete the “Secret Of The Cedars” shrine quest to get the Climbing Boots. The boots give Link 3 defense and boost climbing speed.

Zora Helm: Travel to Toto Lake and locate the ruins under water. Use the Magnesis rune to raise the chest. The Zora Helm increases your swimming speed and gives Link 3 defense. You can also use the Spin attack under water.

Zora Armor: Reach Zora’s domain to get the Zora Armor; it is a part of the main story. The armor gives Link 3 defense and increases swimming speed.


Rare weapons

Flameblade: Travel to Hicklay Wood and proceed south. Follow the stream to reach the waterfall, then start climbing up. Reach the breakable rocks and destroy them with a bomb. Destroy the other breakable rock with a bomb to find the sword underneath. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game with an attack of 24.

Great Flamebalde: Successfully complete the “Master Of The Wind” shrine quest, then find it inside the Shai Yota Shrine. The Great Flameblade has an attack of 34 and deals fire damage.

Thunderblade: Successfully complete “The Crowned Beast” shrine quest, then find it inside the Mezza Lo Shrine. The Thunderblade has an attack of 22 and deals elemental damage.

Knight’s Bow: It can be found inside the Soh Kofi Shrine, north of Lanayru Tower. The Knight’s Bow has an attack of 26.

The Royal Broadsword: Successfully complete “Guardian Slideshow” shrines quest to get the Broadsword. It is durable and has 35 damage.

The Ceremonial Trident: It can be found in Zora’s Domain. Look under the west bridge to find it in the water. The Ceremonial Trident has an attack of 26.

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