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The Long Dark PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

1 August 2017, Tuesday, 19:28:35


There is no way to jump in this game.

1 = Select light source
2 = Select weapon
3 = Drop bait
4 = Light fire

R = Reload weapon
H = Holster equipped item
C = Clothing
F = Status screen
I = Inventory (backpack)
J = Journal

CTRL left = crouch ; SHIFT left = sprint

Tab = Shows your basic stats
Space = Radial menu



The radial menu provides the following actions:

Light sources (the same as pressing the “1”-key)
Weapons (the same as pressing the “2”-key)
Drop bait (the same as pressing the “3”-key)
Camp actions (starting fires, placing traps, building snow shelters, waiting)
First aid
and the status screen in the middle


Using a bow: Hold the left mouse button until the bowstring is fully drawn; release to fire. If you change your mind halfway through, you can slacken the bow by pressing the right mouse button.

Using firearms: Use the right mouse button to aim and the left mouse button to fire.

Last but not least; placing objects:
If you want to place something a certain way, drop it and then right click on it. Now you can move it anywhere you like and lay it down with the left mouse button.
However, this does not work with the lantern! The lantern is placed directly with the right mouse button.

Most actions are now triggered by holding the mouse button instead of clicking. This can be disabled in the options menu.

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