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The Surge How to Beat the First Boss P.A.X?

18 May 2017, Thursday, 13:26:51


This guide will teach you how to beat P.A.X the first boss in the game.

Preparing for the fight
P.A.X is the first boss in The Surge and at first he can be intimidating due to his size. Before you start you should be at least core level 20, this will cost you about 21,000 tech scrap, you should also upgrade your weapon of choice to MK.1 which costs around 150 tech scrap and 9 weapon scrap.


Fighting P.A.X.
Once you enter the arena P.A.X. will emerge from a pile of debries and trash to your left. DO NOT engage him in the corner lure him to the center of the room dodging his blades to get under him. Once your are under him start wailing on his legs and the orange lower bar will start to fill, once full P.A.X. will jump away from you and start firing missiles, as soon as he does run between his legs and the missles will hit P.A.X. stunning him and forcing him to the ground. Move to his head and start attacking, this will damage his health bar. You wont be able to kill him in the first phase, you’ll have to knock him down at least 3 times to kill him. Once P.A.X. dies you’ll recieve 10,000 tech scrap, one of his blades and open up the lift to the tram to the next area.

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