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Thrustmaster Settings for DiRT 4

10 June 2017, Saturday, 18:54:35


ForceFeedback settings for T300/500 wheels in Dirt4:

-Self Aligning Torque: 75%
-Wheel Friction: 0%
(This is important to achieve as pure feeling as possible)
-Tyre Friction: 70%
-Suspension: 45%
-Tyre Slip: 0%
(When driving with wheel, this effect comes from rear wheels, which isnt natural and as such not desirable)
-Collision: 0%
-Soft Lock: 100%
(If you use softlock and think you hit to maximum lock too hard this might need to be reduced, we dont use soft lock with wheel)
-Steering Centre Force: 100%
(This doesnt matter much, centering effect for when you reset car)

Self Aligning Torque, Tyre Friction and Suspension can be tuned ten or so percentages to any direction to your own liking, but the basic idea is to have them in the “strength” order as above.




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