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Total Miner PC Cheat Codes

23 December 2017, Saturday, 16:54:02


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press F9 Key to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.


cls: Clear the console screen.
console: Adjust console settings.
exit: Exit the console.
help: Display help information.
list: List various game information.
msg: Send a text message.
notify: Add a notification.
player: Change the current player.
script: Execute an existing script or single command.

tp: Teleport the current player or manipulate teleport points.

tp -a -r -ra [name]

-a — Add a teleport point for the current player (where the current player is currently standing).
-r — Remove the named teleport point for the current player.
-ra — Remove all teleport points from the current player.
[name] — Name of the teleport point or map marker.

tp home — teleport the current player to the teleport point or map marker named ‘home’.
tp -a home — add the teleport point ‘home’ to the current player.
tp -r home — remove the teleport point ‘home’ for the current player.
tp -ra — remove all teleport points from the current player.


inv: Manipulate the current players inventory.

inv -a -e -r -ra [item] [qty]

-a — Add the item to inventory. If [qty] is omitted, the items default stack size will be added. If no other -args are used, -a is assumed.
-e — Equip the item. Optional. Can be used in conjunction with -a.
-r — Remove the item from inventory. If [qty] is omitted, all stacks of the item will be removed.
-ra — Remove all items.
[item] — The item to add/remove/equip/list.
[qty] — The number of units.

inv grass — add a stack of grass (-a assumed).
inv -a -e dirt 50 — add 50 dirt and equip.
inv -e dirt — equip dirt if in inventory.
inv -r dirt — remove all stacks of dirt.
inv -r dirt 50 — remove 50 dirt.
inv -ra — remove all items.


kill: Kill the current player, all NPCs or all NPCs of a type.

kill -a -p [npctype]

-a — kill all NPCs.
-p — kill the current player
[npctype] — kill all NPCs of this type.

kill -a — this will kill all NPCs.
kill -p — this will kill the current player.
kill goblin — this will kill all goblins.


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