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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Gear Boxes, Hacks and Terminals

6 July 2017, Thursday, 15:56:10


Gear Boxes

Gear Boxes are rewards that are earned for leveling up or completing Challenges in both Campaign and Escalation modes. Each Gear Box includes multiple unlocks which may include new Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, T.E.C.H., Abilities, Escalation Characters, and HACKS. Gear Boxes can be opened from the Character Setup menu or from the Pause Menu.



HACKS are special items that increase difficulty such as exploding enemies or removing the HUD for an increased amount of XP. Each time you use a HACK, it is then consumed, but you can earn it again through another Gear Box.



Look for terminals as you play. You can use these terminals to equip Weapons, T.E.C.H., Abilities, and HACKS that you’ve unlocked. You can also upgrade your Weapons from these terminals. In Escalation Mode, unlocked items can be obtained at no cost. Locked items can be purchased with Energon Shards.

-• T.E.C.H. gives your character additional options during combat, including drones that heal, enemy-seeking mines, XP boosts, and many more. Up to three T.E.C.H. items may be equipped at once and each is consumed upon use. T.E.C.H. can be used in both game modes, and can be purchased in Escalation Mode with Energon Shards.

-• Abilities are used to change the Ability that your character uses in Escalation Mode. Only one may be equipped at a time.

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