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TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Steam Version 2017 Cheats

21 March 2017, Tuesday, 1:15:56


Cheats should be working in-game now; but they have had a slight key configuration change, similar to TY1, so that they work with KB&M as well.

The start sequence should be:
Left, Right, Action, Left, Right, Action

Then followed by the same keypresses as in the original release

Add Opals – Bite, Jump, Bite, Jump,
CollectableLocator – Up, Down, Left, Right,
AllLevel1Rangs – Bite, Throw, Bite, Throw,
AllLevel2Rangs – Throw, Bite, Throw, Action,
GetBunyipLicenses – Throw, Bite, Throw, Jump,

Note: That using cheats will not let you post to some leaderboards, or get some achievements.

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