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Ultimate General: Civil War – Infantry and Artillery

14 July 2017, Friday, 22:22:46


Infantry and Artillery

Infantry: The main body of any army. While there are variations as to how large they should be and how many there should be in a corps, players should ensure that their army is mostly made up of infantry. They don’t require massive micro, can absorb damage and in good cover, even rookie brigades can hold positions and dish out damage. Personally I go with 4 infantry brigades per division of 5. Or 5 infantry brigades in a division of 6.

While there are variations on the size of veteran brigades depending on an individual’s player’s strategy, generally players should have max-sized rookie brigades of at least 1500, if not 2000-2500. This is to ensure that some survive to gain some veterancy and to improve morale-shock resistance. Moreover, larger brigades mean a larger group of skirmishers they can detach. As for elite brigades, they can stick around at 2000.

Artillery: Artillery is expensive, but useful. They do that extra damage to the enemy that would allow a general to sway engagements to their favour. Furthermore, artillery performs a crucial role in increasing the hitting power of an army on defense and can deal great morale shocks on enemy charges.

Place them behind the main line of infantry, but not in the main line where they can be exposed to fire, but behind larger brigades that can absorb fire. Make sure to allow them to fire though because it takes a while to get them moving. On the other hand, don’t let them be too far back as then they won’t be able to use “Shell shot,” a mid-range ammunition that scatters over a brigade and does more kills.

Typically it is recommended to have 1 artillery brigade per division of 5 brigades, or one per division of 6 brigades. The number of guns varies, but players should attempt to ensure brigades of about 6-7 guns, and make sure to use all cannons they might have captured in battles. You don’t need an artillery brigade of over 12 guns unless you have the cannon already available in your armoury (basically free cannon you captured). In fact, a huge artillery brigade seems to lower the killcount (nobody’s exactly sure why, it’s been noticed by various players including myself). They are useful in that they’re more durable and will provide more firepower, it’s just reduced.

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