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Unturned Germany New Items

9 July 2017, Sunday, 17:35:06


Unturned Germany New Item ID’s
You can use the following cheat code to get the new items.
Give [steam username]/[item id]/[amount]
Gives the player that item


Guns & Ammo:
~ Added Swissgewehr. [ID 1488]
~ Added Swissgewehr Magazine. [ID 1490]


~ Added Fighter Jet. [ID 140]
~ Added Dumptruck. [ID 141]
~ Added Prison Transport Truck. [ID 142]
~ Added Eagle. [ID 157]
~ Added Rabbit. [IDs 149-156]
~ Added Beetle. [IDs 158-165]


~ Lederhosen Top [ID 1498]
~ Lederhosen Bottom [ID 1499]
~ Russia Beret [ID 1388]
~ Russia Military Helmet [ID 1335]
~ Russia Military Top [ID 1333]
~ Russia Military Bottom [ID 1334]
~ Russia Military Vest [ID 1336]
– German Military Top [ID 1491]


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