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Vampyr – Where Are The Save Game Files Stored?

4 June 2018, Monday, 14:59:15

Savegame Location

1. Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer from the taskbar.
2. Open the Local Disk (C:).
3. Open the folder Users then the folder of your Windows username.
4. Open the folder AppData (*) > Local.
5. Open the folder AVGame > Saved > SaveGames.

(*) The AppData folder is a hidden folder by default. To view this folder:



– Open Windows Explorer from the taskbar.
– Click Organize > Folder and search options.
– Click the tab View and check Show hidden files, folders and drives under Hidden files and folders from Advanced Settings.
– Click the button OK.




– Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
– Click the tab View and check Hidden items.


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