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Voxel Turf – Missions

20 September 2017, Wednesday, 15:25:04


There are a few different types of missions in the game depending on the type of activity you wish to perform.



They are:
Ambulence Missions – You drive around to various map points to pick up injured people and then drive them back to the hospital.

CDF Attack Missions – You meet the anarchist and are a bad guy and you kill cops and steal vehicles and reduce safety ratings.

Heist Missions – You meet the schemer, and rob various places for money.

Architect Missions – You make custom built buildings for cash.

Bandit Killing Missions – You kill bandits that are robbing various places.

Bandit Revenge Missions – You meet the griever and turn it bandit dog tags.

Mole Missions – Modifications of other missions. You do them to gain reputation and hurt AI reputations.

Vehicle Stealing Missions – You steal vehicles for the mechanic.

Racing Missions – You do street races for money.

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