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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Doctrines

1 May 2017, Monday, 3:10:51


One of the main mechanics of Company of Heroes 2 comes to add versatility to the armies of Dawn of War III. Doctrines provide players with customization options for their army’s loadouts granting beneficial effects for certain units and buildings suited for specific strategies. Doctrines are unlocked with skulls which is an in-game currency gained by playing campaign missions or multiplayer matches.
Doctrines are split into three categories. The Army doctrines work for the entire army, be it infantry, vehicles and even buildings. Presence doctrines require the presence on the battlefield of the specified elite unit they are tied to. And last but not least, Command doctrines which are unlocked when an elite unit reaches level 3 and becomes available as an Army doctrine when that elite unit hits level 8.
Only three Army doctrines can be equipped at a time from a considerable number of options which means you’ll have to spend quite some skulls and experiment a little to find the right doctrines for your strategy and play style.




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