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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Hotkeys Guide

1 May 2017, Monday, 4:04:44


Hotkeys are tools of precision. They enable actions to be done faster, more efficiently and more easily.


Basic Controls

-Press Esc key to deselect a selected Unit or Structure. The same key is also for pausing the game. You can also pause the game by Pause Break key.
-To chat Hit Enter
-Pan Up, Left, Down and Right: Ctrl + W, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + S and Ctrl + D
-Elite Slot 1, 2 and 3: F1, F2, and F3
-Super Ability: F4
-From Building 1 to 5: F5 to F9
-Pause Menu: F10
-Lock Mouse to Window: Ctrl + Backspace


Advanced Controls

Control Groups:

Select Control Groups: #
Create Control Groups: Ctrl + #
Clear Control Groups: Alt + #


Unit Selection Controls:

Select all Units: Caps lock
Select all on screen Units: Ctrl + A
Select All Builder: Ctrl + Comma
Select All Idle Builder Unit: Ctrl + Alt + Comma
Cycle next to Builder Unit: Use Comma
Cycle next to Idle Builder Unit: Alt + Comma
Select all Infantry Unit: Comma + Period
Select all idle Infantry Unit: Ctrl + Alt + Period
Cycle next to Infantry Unit: Use Period
Cycle next to Idle Infantry Unit: Alt + Period
Select all Vehicle Unit: Ctrl + Slash
Select all Idle Vehicle Unit: Ctrl + Alt + Slash
Cycle next to Vehicle Unit: Use Slash
Cycle next to Idle Vehicle Unit: Alt + Slash
Cycle next to Idle Vehicle Unit: Alt + Slash



Ping Menu: Ctrl + B
Ping Attack: Ctrl + H
Ping Defend: Ctrl + J
Ping Capture: Ctrl + G
Ping Caution: Ctrl + L


Other Controls

-Press apostrophe to focus a camera on selection, and Home button to focus a camera on HQ.
-Press Backspace to restore Default Camera, for zoom in and zoom out you can use Page Up and Page Down.
View player list: ” or 0
Quick Save: F5


Replay Controls:

Toggle HUD: Ctrl + U
Decrease Speed: Minus
Increase Speed: Equals
Next Player: Right Bracket
Previous Player: Left Bracket


Grid/Ability Hotkeys:

Top Row: QWER
Middle Row: ASDF
Bottom Row: ZXCV
Space Marine: Rare Specific Controls
Plant the Standard: G
Drop Pod Slot 1, Slot 2 and Slot 3: J, K, L.


Mouse Controls:

Left Click for selecting a unit, structure, target, or using attack mode by Left Click + A. It is also used to hold and drag to select multiple units at a time. Right click is for moving the unit to a location. The mouse wheel offer you move a camera and zoom in / zoom out control.



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