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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Quick Guide to Mastery skin for 3 Space Marine Elites

3 May 2017, Wednesday, 0:15:04


5 Easy Steps
Step One: Play the Campaign up to Level 12 saving the required amount of skulls needed to unlock the Elites you want to boost

Step Two: Gabriel is required so this will boost him and two other elites, pick those elites to start the mission, Assault Terminators and
Venerable top tier you can do this with, i went assault and normal termies.

Step Three: Play the mission as normal up until the near the end of the map when you have to destroy your main objective.

Step Four: Keep your normal units safe away from the main objective, your elites will die doing this but respawn so make a coffee and wait for the cooldowns then farm again, make sure you have alteast one non elite alive somewhere for this to work.

Step Five: Farm the Mobs that constantly spawn with your elites because they are endless until you destroy the main Objective, you can lower it’s health but once you destroy the mission will go into a different phase and no more endless waves.. (also even if you don’t care about the skins it was enjyoable seeing how long you can survive with the three elites until you get wiped out).

Note: This takes a while but the mobs constantly spawn and its aoe heaven for the terminator units, also if you start doing this on a lower difficulty and you get bored or think you have farmed enough you can come back later on higher difficulty once and get the xp to finish the mastery.

Step Six: Enjoy the new three mastery skin unlocks.



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