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Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Cheat Codes

21 September 2016, Wednesday, 14:03:03


Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C during gameplay to enable Secret Word entry screen, and enter one of the following secret words to activate the corresponding cheat function.



Cheat Codes    Effect
glory [number] – Change player’s glory by specified amount; can be negative.
points [number] – Change recruitment points by specified amount; can be negative.
slots [number] – Change unit purchase slots by specified amount; can be negative.
endscn [number] – End current scenario with specified outcome;
0 for decisive victory, 1 for marginal victory, 2 for defeat.
exp [number] – Set a unit’s experience points to specified value.
str [number] – Set a unit’s strength to specified value.
turns [number] – Set scenario turn count.
turbo units – Toggle movement speed set to 50 for your units.
fog of war – Toggle view of all unit locations through fog of war.
no zoc – Toggles Zone of Control for your units.

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