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Watch Dogs 2: Keyboard Controls Guide

14 November 2016, Monday, 13:40:30


These are the default key bindings for the game Watch Dogs 2.

You can customize the controls through the main menu.



General Controls:

Command    Key
Hack   Q
Interact    E
Profiler    Z
Focus   CTRL
Smartphone    Middle Mouse Button
Map    M
Contextual Waypoint    X
Switch/Holster Weapon    Tab
Weapon Wheel/Inventory    Tab (Hold)
Equip Assault    1
Equip Pistol    2
Equip Shotgun    3
Equip Special    4
Cycle Projectiles/Tools    5
Throw Projectile/Use Tool    G
Start/Stop Playlist    B
Skip Song    N


On Foot Controls:

Move Forward    W
Move Backward    S
Move Left     A
Move Right    D
Stroll    ALT
Sprint    Shift
Climb    Space
Enter Cover    C
Exit Cover    V
Draw/Holster Weapon    T
Aim    RMB
Shoot    LMB
Reload    R
Melee    F


Vehicle Controls:

Accelerate    W
Brake/Reverse    S
Steer Left    A
Steer Right    D
Handbrake    Space
Hide in Car    F
Camera    C
Look Back    Shift
Honk    ALT

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