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West of Loathing – How to Open the Elevator in Soupstock Lode

12 August 2017, Saturday, 13:49:36


How to Open the Elevator in Soupstock Lode

Soupstock Lode Location






Before you try to open the elevator, you will need a Wrench. A wrench is available in the same mine in a toolbox. You’ll need a pick to open the box.




Opening the Elevator
The elevator needs 3200Ibs in order to work. There are 3 bolts that adds weight to the elevator. Each bolt adds a specific amount to the elevator.

Bolt – Ibs
#3 – 411
#5 – 295
#7 – 161




In order to add up to 3200, you need to:

Tighten Bolt #3 4 Times = 1644
Tighten Bolt #5 2 Times = 590
Tighten Bolt #7 6 Times = 966

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