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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood PC Keyboard Controls Guide

17 July 2017, Monday, 20:50:09


Controls for Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard Controls

W – Forward

S – Back

A – Left

D – Right

Pause Menu – ESC

Sprint – Shift

Z – Toggle Alternate Weapon/Fire Mode (when available)

X – Change Weapon Mode

F – Single Wield/Dual Wield Throw (when available)

Q – Swap to Last Used Weapon

R – Reload

G – Throw Grenade

J – Journal

C – Crouch/Slide

M – Map

Space – Jump

Alt + D – Cover Mode Lean Right

Alt + A – Cover Mode Lean Left


Mouse Controls

Mouse – Look

Left Click – Fire/Wall Climb with Pipes

Right Click – Aim/Wall Climb with Pipes

[scroll] – Cycle Weapon

Scroll Click – Melee/Throw Knife

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