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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap PC Cheat Codes

9 June 2017, Friday, 2:59:11


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap PC Cheat Codes

You can input retro passwords. After creating a new slot and selecting the difficulty, there is a prompt at the bottom saying “input retro password”.





Passwords / Codes

To be human at the village with all armor, swords, shields, charm stones, and a whole lot of money, enter the password “3YGU PYZ ZY7K NRR“.


Enter the password WE5T ONE 0000 000 to start in the village with every item, 99 stones, and almost 1,000,000 gold!


To go directly to the end of the game, and have maximum carma with all the items, and 9000 gold, just use this password: MJWH WC5TY3B XJR


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