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Worlds Adrift Advanced Resource Stats

6 July 2017, Thursday, 23:47:36


Advanced Resource Stats
Each type of resource has its own statistics which define how it behaves and how the crafted part looks.
Probably the most important stat is weight (listed below) and modifier values for Ship Component values, which although there is no solid data the materials flavour text gives you a good hint.



Metal – Weight per Unit (kg) – Flavour Text
Aluminum – 0.2600 – Extremely light without compromising too much on strength
Titanium – 0.3000 – Extraordinarily light for such a stress resistant metal but a bad conductor
Tin – 0.3400 – Light but weak and soft with extremely poor heat resistance
Iron – 0.3800 – Reasonably tough and heat resistant given its modest weight.
Stεεl – 0.4000 – High performance metal for its weight without being exceptional
Bronze – 0.4200 – Withstands a lot of stress for its medium weight but not resistant to heat.
Nickel – 0.4600 – Versatile and medium weight metal with few weaknesses.
Copper – 0.5000 – Great conductor but otherwise unexceptional metal of normal weight
Silver – 0.5500 – A jack of all trades but master of only conductivity
Lead – 0.6000 – Heavy and a poor conductor but durable and fairly strong
Gold – 0.6900 – Dense and heavy yet extremely malleable with extremely high conductivity.
Tungsten – 0.7400 – Unparalleled strength and heat resistance but very heavy




Wood – Weight per Unit (kg) – Flavour Text
Cedar – 0.2000 – Extremely light and soft, cannot withstand much damage.
Hemlock – 0.2200 – Very light but tough enough to be used in certain scenarios.
Chestnut – 0.2500 – Lightweight but nevertheless impressively versatile timber.
Elm – 0.2800 – Medium weight with no outstanding strengths or vulnerabilities.
Birch – 0.3200 – Relatively heavy but worth it for the performance.
Ash – 0.3500 – Heavy but extremely flexible possessing no weaknesses.
Oak – 0.3800 – Reliable in any context especially bearing loads but heavy.
Palm – 0.4100 – Very heavy but exceptionally hard with broad applications.

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