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Worlds Adrift Atlas Sky Cores Guide

7 July 2017, Friday, 0:08:39


Atlas Sky Cores
Atlas Cores make your skyship, and the islands, float. If you lose your Sky Core your ship is going to sink.

Your basic core can hold exactly 1000kg of weight but you can upgrade this by adding extensions. There are 8 extensions to find, all spawn in the Expanse, Remnants or Badlands biome meaning you have to cross at least one windwall to find the first few.


An almost fully upgraded Atlas Core:




Extension – Added Lift (kg) – Found In:
Atlas Sky Core (Base) – 1000 – (You start with it)
Generator – 400 – Expanse
Enhancer – 400 – Expanse
Coolant System – 600 – Remnants
Air Filter – 600 – Remnants
Stabiliser – 600 – Remnants
Computer – 800 – Badlands
Circuitry Network – 800 – Badlands
Efficiency System – 800 – Badlands

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