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Worlds Adrift PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

6 July 2017, Thursday, 23:19:57


PC Controls

Basic Gameplay
LMB – Use item in hand, my be required to hold
RMB – Grapple to cursor
W – Move forward, Ship throttle up, Glider dive
A – Move left, Ship turn left, Glider turn left
S – Move back, Ship throttle down, Glider pull up
D – Move right, Ship turn right, Glider turn right
SHIFT – Reel in Grappling Hook, Sprint, Ship Ascend
CTRL – Slacken Rope, Ship Descend
SPACE – Jump, Ship Ascend, Toggle Glider, Double tap for Grapple Boost
E – Interact, Some items require it to be held
TAB – Open Inventory
1-8 – Select hotbar item


ENTER – Open Local Chat Window (Use CAPS to send message further)
/crew Chat to all crew members (Infinite range)




SHIFT – + 8, 9, 0, -, + Dance, each key is a different move
V – Toggle First/Third Person
Z – Rotate item
X – Sit/Stand
Q – Begin Climbing on a surface
G – Ragdoll on the floor, currently negates fall damage.
F4 – Hide UI
F12 – Steam Default: Take Screenshot

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