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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Bond Levels

13 September 2017, Wednesday, 2:45:44



Soldiers develop relationships over time, but some will grow faster than others depending on how compatible they are. Sending compatible soldiers on missions together will allow their friendships to develop into strong bonds with tactical benefits.



Formed through combat. Confirm the bond between units to gain:

– Teamwork: Grant an additional action point to a bondmate. Has a single charge shared between bondmates.



Build the Training Center for units to reach this bond level.

– Covert Operators: When deployed on a together, the duration is reduced by one day.

– SpotterI: Soldier is granted a bonus to aim when their bondmate has attacked or been attacked by the soldier’s target.

An extra bonus is granted if the bondmate is adjacent.

– Stand By Me: When this soldier ends a move adjacent to their bondmate, their bondmate will be automatically cleansed of any negative mental effects.



Units must work together in the Training Center to reach this bond level.

– Advanced Teamwork: Grant an additional action point to a bondmate. Has two charges per mission, shared between bondmates.

– Dual Strike: A combined standard shot attack by this soldier and their bondmate. This shot is a free action for the bondmate.

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