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Ylands – Alchemist Potions Recipes

22 December 2017, Friday, 1:51:02


Ylands Alchemist Potions Recipes

► Berry Head Potion – Shrink your characters head. (10 Raspberries, 1 Magic Dust)

► Cold Resistance Potion – Makes your character immune to cold for some time. (10 Bear Berries, 1 Magic Dust)

► Craftsman’s Potion – This potion makes crafting take 1 second, instead of 1 minute. This potion can be crafted in three different ways. (5 Grain/Buckwheat/Quinoa, 1 Magic Dust)

► Glow Potion – Light up an area around your character. (1 Glowing Mushroom, 1 Magic Dust)

► Health Potion – Heal your character 3 hearts of health. (5 Echinacea, 1 Magic Dust)

► Heat Resistance Potion – Makes your character immune to heat. (5 Desert Sage, 1 Magic Dust)

► Life-Changing Potion – Temporary changes your character body/gender. (1 Toadstool, 1 Magic Dust)

► Melon Head Potion – Make your characters head grow double the original size. This potion can be crafted in two ways. (10 Desert Melons/Wild Melons, 1 Magic Dust)

► Potion Of Flight – Give you the ability to fly temporary. (5 Snapdragon, 1 Magic Dust)

► Potion Of Speed – Increase your speed for some time. (5 Bone Dust, 1 Magic Dust)

► Potion Of Strength – Makes your character stronger, and increases the speed of breaking blocks. (5 Spinach Leaves, 1 Magic Dust)

► Water Breathing Potion – Your character can swim underwater without losing breath. (1 Coral, 1 Magic Dust)

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