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Ylands – Doors

9 December 2017, Saturday, 15:13:40



You’ll need: 6x Beam, 5x Plank, 10x Nail, and 1x Any Hammer

1) The hammer is simple. A stone one will do and the recipe is given to you at the start of the game.

2) Let’s use the hammer to make the nails in the blacksmith’s forge.




2a) WARNING: Every time you craft a batch of nails it gives you ten. So don’t queue up 10 nails because you’ll have 100.

3) You’ll need the saw for these next items. The crafting recipe is made in the blacksmith’s forge.




4) Use the saw to craft the beams and the planks in your TAB menu.

WARNING: Planks craft 5 items per craft while the beams only craft one.

Here’s a picture of the beams showing the recipe. The planks are similar in nature.




End results are numerous types of doors for you to craft:




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