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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – How to Find The Missing Crew

27 July 2017, Thursday, 22:39:56


How to Find The Missing Crew

Location for the missing crew;

Sailor #1
On an island after the town with the chief


E90327F0-8DF3-46BF-89A4-0FA22B3739DC-315-0000006F122020B2 B0137B4B-7AE3-4029-9352-602049A1CCF7-315-0000006F132AB3B4


Sailor #2
At the ice village


31713665-5A2B-4DDB-B729-6982F1279BBE-315-0000006F15D6F1F0 9B6060D1-D4DE-4CF3-B232-57BE46AA1CB9-315-0000006F19903E4D


Sailor #3
Near the big broken bridge


052C0857-7A9A-4EF2-A0E3-893B807B1CC1-315-0000006F1F67F580 16B4C05D-3E6E-4EEE-AAC7-E11F4364629C-315-0000006F21EDC42F

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