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Yooka-Laylee PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

12 April 2017, Wednesday, 22:56:13


Basic Controls
Up, Down, Left, Right OR WSAD – Directional controls
Space – Jump, also talk to people, select options in the menu (works as the ‘A’ button)
Anomoly: The ‘X’ button can also be used to jump, but loses function entirely when around anyone you can talk to, and CANNOT be used to talk to a person.
Esc – Works as the ‘B’ Button, cancels out of menus, but also pauses the game. Minor annoyance when you pause the game and also exit from a menu/conversation.
Tab – Zooms into a third person ‘shooter’ angle, used for aiming Yooka for shooting items later in the game.
C – Uses Yooka’s tongue. Initially grabs hold of butterflies, but will also grab hold of other things later in the game after learning proper moves from Trowzer.
Z – Your attack button. Use it to spin into enemies or attack in the air.
Shift – Used to duck. Will initially not be useful as keyboard players cannot ‘sneak’, but comes into play later with moves learned by Trowzer (see advanced controls section for more)
Q – Rotate Camera Left
E – Rotate Camera Right
Note: From what I’ve found, there is no way to rotate the camera up or down on the keyboard while moving.
Mouse movement – While standing still, moving the mouse around will move the camera around in all directions.

Spacebar – swim up (towards the surface)
Ctrl – swim down (towards the ground)


Advanced Controls

Shift – Rolls Yooka into a ball so you can roll around. Is also used to create a bubble underwater.
Space + Ctrl – Your slam attack. Jumps into the air, then slams Yooka into the ground.
Alt – Uses Laylee’s Echolocation ability
Ctrl + Alt – Uses Laylee’s super-echolocation
Ctrl + Right Mouse button – Uses Yooka’s invisibility.
Ctrl + Left Mouse button – Allows you to fly. Oddly, using ‘Jump’ (space) allows you to gain height.
Shift + Alt – The final move, which allows you to roll around with a sonar shield on.

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