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Zombidle: REMONSTERED Cheat Codes

2 June 2017, Friday, 20:53:23


How to get the SelfPhone early

If you go into your Options (found on the top-left), then go into ‘Advanced’ (this is how you know this is the real secret stuff, it’s not called ‘Advanced’ just for any reason), and then go into ‘Credits’ (what are those, right?)

In there, among a lot of useless text about who built the game you’re playing (people schmeople), you’ll see a Skull. Click it a few times.

That’s right, that Skull ain’t dead. You just earned yourself the SelfPhone, which replaces your Options button that you just went through earlier.

You can now enter Genie codes like every other amazing Zombidler.


Genie Codes

Code      Reward

Test       1 Diamond
LarklenIsTheBest      20 Diamonds
LachhhCorp        25 Diamonds
EarsplittingLyingParrot      25 Diamonds
ItHurtsWhenIPoo       25 Diamonds
WoebegoneHissingDog     10 Diamonds


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