12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature – Puzzle Piece Locations



Note: compass symbols are used for some of the directions (e.g. NW = northwest, SE = southeast)



1.1 – middle area, light blue


1.2 – right of pink crystal, dark grey


1.3 – mid-south, light grey/silver, on top of low rock


1.4 – NE, slightly NE of trapped prisoner, dark grey


1.5 – NW of house, light green, near pad for gold coins


1.6 – mid-north, tan on tan ground, next to pad for workshop wood


1.7 – SW, grey on tan ground, next to flame


1.8 – right of center, dark grey, in gulley near cow skull and rib bones


1.9 – mid-south, tan, on tan ground below “K” in “Click to Play”


1.10 – mid-east, grey, on river bank


2.1 – NW, orange, on ground between dark orange trees


2.2 – slightly SE of center, dark grey on grey rock near workshop


2.3 – NE, light green, on snow near large dark grey boulder


2.4 – left of center, dark grey, between green tree and wooden stakes


2.5 – center or right side, orange, on yellow ground, near orange bush


2.6 – orange, beneath middle of first 3 cheese wheels


2.7 – dark grey, behind the “A” in Click to Play”


2.8 – light green, on green ground just below blue “stoned sapling”


2.9 – center, light green on green grass


2.10 – left center, orange, on orange ground next to a “dried up tree”


3.1 – NW, tan, on tan soil


3.2 – tan, above the letter “P” in “Click to Play”


3.3 – orange, on orange ground on SE side of worker’s home


3.4 – SE, green, on green grass above dark grey boulder


3.5 – right of center, dark grey, on shore between “deep pit” and water


3.6 – center, dark grey, right side of round “guard tower”


3.7 – bottom left of center, dark grey on rounded dark bluish black rock


3.8 – top middle, dark grey on green grass next to steak


3.9 – top middle, grey, on dark blue water


3.10 – mid-right, dark grey, to left of red fire hydrant


4.1 – center-ish, grey, on blue ground next to blue crystals


4.2 – NE, dark grey, in water below cheese wheel and hanging bridge


4.3 – SE, light grey, on top of rock above prisoner


4.4 – SW, grey, on dark grey soil near blue crystals


4.5 – SW, tan, on tan soil above steak and prisoner


4.6 – light grey, on small dark grey rock next to the “Y” in “Click to Play”


4.7 – a little NW, dark grey, on underside section just below Hermes’ Obelisk


4.8 – top middle, dark grey, left side of outpost


4.9 – bottom middle, green, on green grass next to golden tooth


4.10 – middle, green, on edge of green grass near minotaur


5.1 – slightly SE of middle, orange, on orange rock near treasure chest


5.2 – NE, orange, on brown ledge near yellow submarine


5.3 – left of center, green, on green grass next to rocking horse


5.4 – SW, dark grey, next to Hercules


5.5 – NW, orange, right side of green barrel cactus


5.6 – NW, dark grey, between Hercules and Megara


5.7 – right of center, gold, on tan ground next to purple beach towel and large boulder


5.8 – NW, tan, on tan ground next to small workshop


5.9 – NE, green, below Hercules


5.10 – middle, orange, on orange pillar next to egg


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