21 Days Achievements




Be friend with your roommate
talk to Mahdi


Central Park
take a rest in Central Park


Restaurant Sylvia
visit Restaurant Sylvia


Taste of hometown
eat Halal food


Shell Gas Station
visit Shell gas station


Day 10
survive for 10 days


More bricks, more money!
pile up Bricks at Factory


Um.. sorry?
understand all conversation


Pumping! Pumping!
do gas pumping at Shell Gas station


Here’s your order!
work as a server at Restaurant Sylvia


How’s it going?
listen what happened to Kareem’s family




I’m sorry to hear that..
console the elderly man




For free!
get the ticket from Lucas


Cash or card?
work as a cashier at Restaurant Sylvia


Refugee School
do volunteer work ar Refugee School


visit Back Street


1 siri, 2 siri..
work as a cashier at Shell Gas station


Job upgrade!
do carpentry at Factory


Do I know you..?
talk to everyone at least once


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