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60 Parsecs! – Tips & Tricks

23 September 2018, Sunday, 13:50:50

Tips & Tricks

-Only feed crew when they’re Starving.



-Get energy during the sixty seconds part with some rocks, upgrade your crafting system, and start making as many items as possible.



-You can convert Minerals into Chemicals over two days. Provided you have the Minerals, you can create a new Can of Soup every three days;


Craft a Lighter (costs 10 minerals), Recycle the Lighter (gives 10 chemicals), Craft a Can of Soup (costs 10 chemicals).



-Always have 2 crewmates. Any more is pretty impossible, as food is scarce. The game is HARD, but it will take time for you to learn how to survive.



-You can’t save everyone for sure. Someone is going to starve. Maybe you can if you got insanely lucky. Letting someone starve for one day isn’t the end.



-The Captain must survive. Everyone else is expendable.



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