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A Hat in Time Console Commands

9 October 2017, Monday, 13:18:45


Console Commands

Enabling the Developer Console

If you haven’t already, enable the developer console by going into the Game Settings menu. Scroll down to the very bottom and check the empty box next to Developer Console.


Be sure to relaunch the game afterwards!





Now that you’ve relaunched the game, it should be working now! Hit tab or the tilde ( ~ ) key (the key above TAB) and you should see a HUGE black box encompass more than half of the top part of your screen! Don’t freak out about it. This is the developer console!



Console Commands

enablecheats (necessary to use the commands)

Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_RouletteToken – Creates a rift token

fly – Similar to ghost, but the player is able to collide with geometry.

ghost – Puts the player into a ‘ghostly’ state where they can fly, pass through geometry, and are not affected by damage

summon A list of summonable objects can be found here

walk – Disables fly/ghost Mode

changesize [number] – 1 is default, changes the size of Hat Kid

god – Toggles God Mode, making Hat Kid lose no health when attacked or damaged

slomo [number] – 1 is default, modifies the games speed

teleport – Teleports the player to the surface they are looking at

setspeed [number] – Modifies Hat Kids ground speed and water speed (only seems to work in water)

setgravity [number] – Changes the gravity

open [mapname] – Loads the inputted map (check C:\Program Files (x86)\A Hat in Time\HatinTimeGame\CookedPC\Maps) for maps.

setjumpz [number] – Changes your jump height

playersonly – Set the world to only update players, ignoring all other actors

killparticles – Deactivates particle systems and destroys all particles

FOV [number] – Changes FOV to given number (max 170, min 1, default 90)

suicide – Kills Hat Kid

showdebug – Toggles the overall display of properties of the player’s current ViewTarget

restartlevel – Restarts the level

invertmouse – Inverts the mouse vertically

invertturn – Inverts the mouse horizontally

jump – Makes Hat Kid jump (pretty obvious)

duck – Makes Hat Kid duck (pretty obvious)

unduck – Makes Hat Kid unduck

pause – Pauses the game

showmenu – Functions identically to pause

use – Makes Hat Kid interact, or attempt to interact.

freezeframe [number] – Forces the game to pause for the specified delay time (when tested escape immediately resumes the game)

stat fps – Toggles display of frames per second

showhud – Toggles the visibility of all HUD items.

togglehud – Toggles the visibility of all HUD items.

show particles – Toggles display of particle geometry

show rigidbody – Does something (I have no idea what this does)

show collision – Toggle display of collision primitives

show postprocess – Toggle display of post process effects

show staticmeshes – Toggle display of static mesh geometry

show paths – Toggles display of paths or navigation meshes

show volumes – Toggles display of volumes

viewmode unlit – Renders scene with flat shading, i.e., no lighting

viewmode wireframe – Renders scene in a wireframe view

viewmode brushwireframe – Renders scene in a wireframe view showing brush edges

viewmode lightingonly – Renders scene using only the lighting information on the geometry

viewmode lightcomplexity – Renders scene using a special shader that displays the complexity of the lighting on (number of dynamic lights affecting) each surface using specific colors to denote the number of lights

viewmode texturedensity – Renders scene using a special shader that displays the density of texels for the diffuse channel on each surface using specific colors to indicate the density

viewmode shadercomplexity – Renders scene using a special shader that displays the complexity of the material being used by each surface using specific colors to denote ranges of shader instructions

viewmode litlightmapdensity – Renders scene fully lit using a special shader that displays the density of texels for the lightmap on each surface.

viewmode – Returns render mode to normal

toggleui – Toggles updating and display of the UI

exit – Closes the game (duh)

disconnect – Takes you back to the main menu

quit – Same as exit



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