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A Hat in Time – Fueling the Feud Achievement Guide

12 October 2017, Thursday, 15:19:29


Fueling the Feud Achievement Guide

63AC8FE3-6890-4E94-81B5-52132C9D49DB-185-000000657D1FB381  Fueling the Feud
Get a total of 2000 points in Battle of the Birds!

This is purely up to your own skill. If you do decent in every act in Battle of the Birds you should be able to get 2000 points easily. Tips for getting points though, collect the tokens of the directior for the level you are in for 100 points, collect pons for a few points, and succeed as best as you can in the mission objective to get the most points.

Murder on the Owl Express: Collect the 2 Conductor Tokens and collect all the clues for the most points.

Picture Perfect: Get your picture taken by every penguin and do every endorsment for DJ Grooves for the most points.

Train Rush: This is where you can get the bulk of your points. If you use the Time Stop hat with the “Fast Hatter” badge then time will pass much slower. If you collect all the extra time stopwatches in the level you should have lots of seconds left over before the bomb explodes, therefore more points, and since you’re doing it at an “incredible pace” thanks to the Time Stop hat, you get LOTS of points.




The Big Parade:

To get the most points here you have to play safe, the only way to get more points aside from collecting pons is to get DJ Grooves tokens, these will only spawn if you are at full HP so be careful. The rate at which the tokens spawn can be a little unfair too, and if you die you lose all the tokens you collected.


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