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A Hat in Time – How To Enable Co-Op

5 November 2017, Sunday, 18:11:09


How To Enable Co-Op

To Access the Co-Op, you need 2 things: the Developer Console and the Modding Support Beta.

To get the Modding Support Beta, go to Steam and right click A Hat in Time. Then click Properties, and a window should pop up. Click the one that mentions betas, and choose the beta in the drop-down menu.
To enable the dev console, go to Settings > Game Settings and go to the very bottom. You then need to restart the game.

Once you’ve loaded up the Modding Support Beta with the Developer Console enabled, press tab or the button right above it and type “openoldmenu” (but ignore the quotation marks). A menu will then pop up, but the options are blank. You may need to press the button you pressed to open the console again to close it. Go down twice (to the 3rd option on the list) and press A or click. A second player should appear on the lower half of your screen. Go back into the console and type openoldmenu again to close the old menu. If you have any other input devices plugged in that are supported by A Hat in Time, then Player 2 can use them. To remove the second player, just follow the steps used to add it in and you should hear the death music play while the 2nd Hat Kid dies. Unfortunately, that is the only way to remove the second Hat Kid.


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