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A Hat in Time – Personally I Prefer the Air Achievement Guide

10 October 2017, Tuesday, 20:53:11


Personally I Prefer the Air Achievement Guide

384B1020-86D1-4D72-83EA-719413969B01-2188-000001E465738982 Do 5 homing attacks in a row, without touching the ground!

This can be quite tricky. The best way to do this is to go to The Alpine Skyline Freeroam (Chapter 4), take the rope towards The Lava Cake and when you are able to choose between two paths, take the right one. Kill the first three spiders in the air as usual, but then don’t land on the wooden platform, but instead dive towards the next spider (that hasn’t appeared yet), cancel the dive by jumping once, and then attack the next spider and continue. This way you can actually get 8 spiders in a row, without touching the ground.


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